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Onomatopoeia Art that Pops

MommyO brings you any day art with everyday materials!

Create like Roy Lichtenstein in -R-R-R-R-Ring!!.

Before you start the artsy craft — have you seen the blog and vlog yet?

finished Onomatopoeia Art that Pops craft with a colorful bee and the word buzzzz
Create 'Onomatopoeia Art that Pops' for hands-on fun with Pop art!

• • •

The following fun, hands-on artsy craft is designed to help you feel like a Pop artist! You’ll be creating art that pops like Roy Lichtenstein’s painting titled -R-R-R-R-Ring!! by drawing an everyday object — in the style of comic book art — that makes a sound, for which you can include an onomatopoeia word.

Begin by thinking of some examples of objects from every-day life, which make a sound that would illustrate onomatopoeia. For instance — a hammer, bang; a truck, vroom; a firecracker, boom; a turkey, gobble; a sheep, baa; a snake, hiss; a dog, woof; a toaster, pop; a car, zoom; a bird, chirp; a duck, quack; a chicken, cluck; a drum, bang; a faucet, drip; etc. Can you think of any others?

Whatever onomatopoeia you choose to illustrate, it’s sure to be a fabulous piece of art that pops — just like Lichtenstein’s -R-R-R-R-Ring!!

-R-R-R-R-Ring!! by Lichtenstein as inspiration for Onomatopoeia Art that Pops craft


• 8-1/2” x 11” White Cardstock

• Assorted Colored Markers

• No. 2 Pencil

Onomatopoeia Art that Pops materials with paper, colored markers, pencil
Everything you need to create 'Onomatopoeia Art that Pops!'


Using the No. 2 pencil, sketch the everyday object and onomatopoeia of your choice lightly onto the piece of cardstock. *Tip: Be sure to plan for everything to fit on the page.

Onomatopoeia Art that Pops step 1 with a pencil sketch of a bee and the letters BU, pencil

Using the black marker outline the everyday object and onomatopoeia in a heavy black line.

Onomatopoeia Art that Pops step 2 with pencil sketch of bee with the word buzzzz partially outlined with black marker, black marker

Using all the markers in your full marker palette, color in your artwork. Remember that Roy Lichtenstein used large blocks of solid colors to make his Pop art in classic comic-book style.

Onomatopoeia Art that Pops step 3 with partially colored bee with word buzzzz, markers in the colors yellow, red, blue, gray, black

Once your artwork is complete, consider yourself a Pop artist, like Roy Lichtenstein, and proudly display your Onomatopeia Art that Pops.

finished Onomatopoeia Art that Pops craft on easel in Art to Know with MommyO vlog set

If you enjoyed your mini-adventure in fine art with MommyO, please be sure to check out There you'll find more amazing art adventures for budding artists of all ages — 5 to 105!

Art Adventure Box with black handprints logo as a simple path to fine art and fun art

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