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Surreal Creature Craft

MommyO brings you any day art with everyday materials!

Create like Salvador Dalí in The Persistence of Memory.

Before you start the artsy craft — have you seen the blog and vlog yet?

Dali-inspired pocket watch craft created with colorful markers using the Surreal Creature Craft
Create a 'Surreal Creature Craft' for hands-on fun with Surrealism!

• • •

The following fun, hands-on artsy craft will have you making your very own artistic splash with a cool paper plate version of the droopy pocket watch as seen in Salvador Dalí’s drooping dream art, The Persistence of Memory.

To get the surreal juices flowing, you might even consider a little cat nap ­— just like Dalí — before starting your artwork!

The Persistence of Memory by Dali as inspiration for Surreal Creature Craft


• 9-3/4” White Paper Plate

• 8-1/2” X 11” White Cardstock

Coloring & Cutout Sheet

in the Dalí section)

• Ruler

• Crayons

• Markers

• Scissors

• Common Pin

• Brass Brad*

• White School Glue

• No. 2 Pencil

materials for Surreal Creature Craft including colorful crayons and markers, scissors, white school glue, paper plate, ruler, brad, pin and pencil
Everything you need to create a 'Surreal Creature Craft!'


*Age Option: Younger children may prefer to use our printable Coloring & Cutout Sheet to make a ‘Crabby Cupcake Creature,’ which can be downloaded from our website in the Dalí section of Blog ‘n’ Craft Blueprints and printed out onto white cardstock. Older children may enjoy drawing their own surreal creature onto plain white cardstock for the center of their paper-plate pocket watch.

Surreal Creature Craft coloring and cutout sheet of cupcake in crab shape with claw parts

As they would appear on a watch face — draw the numbers 1 through 12 on the rim of the paper plate. Sketch them first with the No. 2 Pencil; then fill, using the markers or crayons. You can even make your numbers droopy — like Dalí’s pocket watches! You may color the rim and the center of the paper plate too — if you’d like! As homage to Dalí, we chose to add some ants to our pocket watch. Be sure to get creatively surreal with your paper plate pocket watch.

step 1 of Surreal Creature Craft with paper plate with blue clock numbers, colorful markers and crayons, and pencil

If you choose to draw your own surreal creature, measure the center of your paper plate to determine an approximate size. Remember that the creature must fit within the center of the paper plate and have body parts that can function as the hands of the pocket watch. And don’t forget a winding knob for the top of your pocket watch!

Outline your surreal creature and pocket watch parts with a heavy black line; then, color the pieces with crayons and/or markers.

Surreal Creature Craft step 2 with coloring and cutout sheet partially colored in with colorful crayons and markers, pencil, and ruler

Now, using scissors, carefully cut out all the colored parts and pieces of your surreal creature. Cut to the outside edge of your heavy black lines.

Surreal Creature Craft step 3 with colored in and cut out with a pair of scissors

With a small amount of glue, attached the winding knob to the top of your pocket watch — where you have drawn the twelve o’clock (12:00) point on the ridge of the paper plate.

Surreal Creature Craft step 4 with with colorful paper plate, colorful surreal crab shape, and white school glue

Line up the parts for your surreal creature the way in which you’d like them to be positioned on your pocket watch. Using the common pin, carefully make a small hole in the center of your surreal creature that continues through the other moving body parts. Line this up centered on the flat portion of your paper plate — where you would like to position the creature — and create a hole in the paper plate as well.

Surreal Creature Craft step 5 with colored surreal crab shape and claws with a pin in the center

Align the small holes up with one another and gently push the sharp points of the brad through the holes. Spread the metal prongs to secure the pieces onto the paper plate. Then display your Surreal Creature Craft for all to enjoy — in the spirit of Salvador Dalí and The Persistence of Memory.

finished Surreal Creature Craft on easel on Art to Know with MommyO vlog set

If you enjoyed your mini-adventure in fine art with MommyO, please be sure to check out There you'll find more amazing art adventures for budding artists of all ages — 5 to 105!

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