arts and crafts supplies to have on hand for artsy craftsy fun including caryons, markers, ribbon, colored pencils, acrylic paint pots, no-slip grip scissors, glue stick, food coloring, white glue, colored paper, ruler, paintbrush, buttons, pot with lid, measuring spoons, mixing bowl

Pick your Path to Creativity

Ready for a mini-adventure in fine art? Art to Know with MommyO is designed to suit any creative style.

  • If you're interested in a self-paced approach to fine art, start with the BLOG.

  • If a multimedia experience is more your style, try the VLOG.

The content is the same, the only difference is how it is presented so you have the flexibility to choose the path that best fits your creative style. 

Be sure to follow the BLOG or VLOG with the CRAFT to get hands-on with your artsy creativity.

Art to Know with MommyO is as simple as 1 • 2 • 3!

Read interesting tidbits about the artist, history, and technique of a fine art masterpiece. Each BLOG is written in an engaging, conversational style so you can explore the artwork at your own pace.

Read the BLOG!

Exploring a masterpiece has never been so simple!

Watch as MommyO delves into interesting tidbits about the artist, history, and technique of a fine art masterpiece.  Each VLOG is a multimedia experience sure to deliver lots of unique, visual inspiration.

Watch the VLOG!

Discovering fine art has never been so entertaining!

Spark creativity with materials from the cupboard as you make a fun, artsy craft inspired by a famous art masterpiece. Each colorful CRAFT is a simple, hands-on guide to creating fine art that's fun art.

Make the CRAFT!

Creating an artsy craft has never been so awesome!

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