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Clay & Impasto a la Van Gogh Art Adventure Box sparks creativity with Art Journal and Adventure Guide so you create a masterpiece

Creative inspiration for everyone!


Henri hit the bullseye!

The fact that you're here at Art to Know with MommyO demonstrates you've gathered the courage to step out of your comfort zone! And that's great! MommyO's blogs, crafts, and vlogs are a fabulous starting place! When you're ready to step it up a notch, check out Art Adventure Box. It's your simple path to fine art and fun art.

Art Adventure Box a simple path to fine art and fun art with black handprints logo

At Art Adventure Box, we provide the inspiration for people of all ages and artistic abilities to explore fine art, discover fun art, and create unique art. Rest assured that creativity has no rules, and art knows no boundaries — so kick any self-doubt to the curb, roll up your sleeves, and open an Art Adventure Boxproduct. It's the spark of creativity that's sure to ignite your artsy soul.

It's more than an art kit. It's an art adventure.

Are you ready to start your art adventure?

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