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Cave Art Craft

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Create like Artist Unknown in Bird-Headed Man with a Bison.

Before you start the artsy craft — have you seen the blog and vlog yet?

Create a 'Cave Art Craft' for hands-on fun storytelling with art — cave style!

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The following fun, hands-on artsy craft is designed to help you feel like a Paleolithic artist! You’ll be creating your own cool cave drawing using the same prehistoric palette as the artists who painted Bird-Headed Man with a Bison at Lascaux, France!

Before you begin, think about some of your most favorite family stories. Discuss the stories and how to depict them in a drawing. This cave art craft is the perfect way for you to experience storytelling with art!


• Kraft Paper (Brown Paper Bag)

• Scissors

• Black Crayon

• White Crayon

• Brown Crayon

• Red Crayon

• Yellow Crayon

Everything you need to create a 'Cave Art Craft.'


Cut a large rectangular piece from the kraft paper. If using a brown paper bag, plan for using a side with no printing.

Crumple the kraft paper — then smooth the paper flat so that you can create the appearance of rock on which to draw your cave art and tell your story.

Now, thinking about your most favorite family stories, create a cave drawing on the kraft paper. Use the black crayon to outline the objects in your drawing; then fill in your objects using white, brown, red, and yellow — all colors similar to the pigments available to prehistoric man.

Remember, the purpose of your drawing is storytelling with art. You want your artwork to tell a story that people will be able to understand thousands of years from today — just like those on the walls and ceilings at Lascaux.

Once you’re done, hang your cave art on the refrigerator or wall (or even on the ceiling) and pretend you’re a prehistoric cave-dweller, just like the artists who painted our featured artwork named Bird-Headed Man with a Bison.

If you enjoyed your mini-adventure in fine art with MommyO, please be sure to check out www.artadventurebox.com. There you'll find more amazing art adventures for budding artists of all ages — 5 to 105!

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