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Abstract Raised-Salt Craft

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Create like Jane Deakin in Garden of Heavenly and Earthly Delights.

Before you start the artsy craft — have you seen the blog and vlog yet?

Create an 'Abstract Raised-Salt Craft' for hands-on fun with Post-Modernism!

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The following fun, hands-on artsy craft will have you breaking the rules as you unnaturally compose your own garden painting.

Think about the objects you wish to include in your garden, remember whatever those objects — flowers, trees, insects, statuary, fences, benches — they shouldn’t look as they would in a real life garden.

Create your abstract art by using out-of-the-ordinary shapes and forms to represent objects. Try thick and thin crisscrossing lines, swashes, swirls, swishes, globs, blobs, etc. — rather than squares, circles, triangles, and ovals. These unconventional shapes plus bright colors and exciting texture will make your picture ‘zingy’ too, just like Garden of Heavenly and Earthly Delights by Jane Deakin..


• 8-1/2” x 11” White Cardstock

• White School Glue / Squeeze Bottle

• Iodized Table Salt

• Large Baking Pan (Tray)

• Liquid Watercolor Paints*

• Paintbrush

• Container of Water

• Hair Spray (Optional)

*No paints on hand? NO PROBLEM! Follow this link to 'Artsy Craftsy Ideas' for a watercolor paint recipe made with stuff you probably have in your kitchen cupboard!

Everything you need to create an 'Abstract Raised-Salt Craft!'


With the bottle of glue, squeeze your abstract garden design onto the cardstock — making thick and thin crisscrossing lines, swashes, swirls, swishes, globs, and blobs.

When satisfied with your design, hold the artwork over the large tray as you sprinkle the salt over the lines of glue. Be sure to cover the glue completely with salt.

Gently tip the artwork so that any excess salt falls back into the tray. It is important to go to the next step immediately and not allow the glue to set-up with the salt for too long a time.

Dip your paintbrush in one color of the liquid watercolors. Then, gently touch the paintbrush to the salt-covered glue. It’s like magic — the paint will travel and beautifully blend along the salty lines!

Repeat the previous step with all the different colors, until you are pleased with your abstract garden.*Tip: Clean your paintbrush before changing colors.

After you’ve completed applying the watercolor paints to your garden, allow the artwork to dry on a flat surface for several hours. *Optional: To help preserve the salt, spray your raised-salt painting with a generous amount of hairspray.

Once the hairspray is dry and the salt is stabilized, you can display your colorful garden on the refrigerator door.

The bright colors are sure to brighten up the kitchen on even the gloomiest of days and your unique abstract garden will forever remind you of Post-Modernist Jane Deakin’s beautiful painting named Garden of Heavenly and Earthly Delights.

If you enjoyed your mini-adventure in fine art with MommyO, please be sure to check out www.artadventurebox.com. There you'll find more amazing art adventures for budding artists of all ages — 5 to 105!

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